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About Anava Shir - Law Firm

Anava Shir Lawyer has a bachelor's and master's degree in law with honors (graduate of Tel Aviv University, Israel), certified as a mediator in civil law and family law, certified in durable power of attorney and has many years of experience in the field of estate and inheritance management.

The firm deals with civil - commercial law and specializes in family law, wills and inheritances. Adv. Anava shir Shir represents and appears in all the courts in Israel as well as in all the rabbinical courts, including the great rabbinical court.

Our worldview is that law enforcement is a mission when the principles of justice, freedom and equality before the law are the cornerstones of fair trial.

From here, together, we realize and maximize your interests, close counseling, assistance and guidance and in all legal cases, personal attitude, cooperation and initiative. Our firm has extensive experience in complex divorce cases, wills and inheritance cases.

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